How it began

It was the summer of 2016, my third was finally crawling, there was enough wind to blow those pesky mosquitoes away, I wasn’t stuck on the toilet and the  sun was shining. Basically, the stars had aligned. It was time to bring my darling daughter out to meet my babies. 

Of course since this was seemingly a rare occurrence I thought I had better start taking pictures. Soon enough my chickens found us sitting in the grass, I was so excited for them to meet. “Look Hazel, mommy’s chickens!” Then I noticed something, they were all looking at her….. a lot. Took me a while but I finally realized my darling daughter was holding pretend plastic corn on the cob. Not good. Bad mommy. One of the stinkers got a peck in before I whisked her up and decided it was time to go back inside. 

Hazel was still in awe of those funny looking birds while I took off her hat and prepped a snack. While doing so I thought I should send some of the adorable pictures I had just taken to my sister in law (who was at the time living in Washington D.C) to show her how the chicks had grown and how interested the baby was in them. 

This was when she said it “Kim, you really should start a blog, you take such great pictures and there is always something going on over there”. I told her she was crazy. 

Here we are now. I think I just might enjoy this, I hope you do too. Some days are goofy, some sad, and some inspired. I’m officially buckled in and ready for the ride. Wanna come?


Author: childrenchickenscolitis

City girl turned country lady. I am a confident woman, dedicated wife and proud mother of three beautiful children. I am going on my twentieth year of living with Ulcerative Colitis. My love for chickens has often made family and friends question my mental state. I enjoy crocheting, baking and staying cozy by the fire all winter long.

3 thoughts on “How it began”

  1. I’m buckled in as well. Promise no speeding!
    Life is a ride to be savoured and enjoy, even if there are speed bumps.


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