Moments we cherish 

Some call it a winter wonderland, some say too cold. Living on the prairie in Canada is certainly not easy, especially when you live rurally, have three kids and school has been cancelled due to “extreme conditions”.

I planned on a quiet day around the house, I imagined myself obsessively wiping the kitchen down, dusting and doing laundry while listening to the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” soundtrack on repeat. No, Old Man Winter had a different day planned for me. 

It was only 8am when I realized it was going to be a “trying” day. I didn’t have anything planned for the kids, sure they had pre made lunches in the fridge but it was supposed to be hot lunch day. All I had put in the things were juice boxes and granola bars! I thought I was golden. So, no left overs to feed them lunch along with no activities planned. I felt doomed. 

I survived a couple games of “Operation”, caught up on some much needed reading with the older two and crawled around chasing the baby for a while. “That’s it, who wants to watch tv?!” You can’t blame me, it was miserable outside.  We had seen some melting in the days before. I really felt like spring was here but it had turned so dark, gloomy and VERY windy. I was no longer feeling motivated and officially counting down the minutes to my husbands arrival from work. 

This sort of thawing and freezing can be pretty bad for many reasons but while I was looking out the window and grumbling about the weather I saw something pretty damn cool, an opportunity to make a great memory with the family. 

By the time supper was over and cleaned it was already starting to get dark but I wasn’t going to let this golden opportunity which had appeared seemingly overnight go to waste. 

“This is the stuff I hope they remember, these moments we cherish”