Time For An Update

It’s been a while since I last wrote, it’s been pretty wild around here. I think this post will touch on all three topics. Children, chickens and the dreaded Colitis. 

A nasty head cold hit the house and got all three kiddos, my oldest didn’t fare so well and ended up with an ear infection, sinus infection and a partially collapsed lung. She has finished all her antibiotics, we are continuing with her puffers and deep breathing exercises then see her doctor for a follow up this Friday. She is feeling MUCH better, thank goodness because at one point I thought she’d never stop coughing and I just wanted to cough for her. 

My son is off on an experience of a lifetime angling some monster fish in Canada’s great north with his Grandpa. I’m missing him immensely and have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures being sent home. 

My husband has been very busy getting ready for our new venture on the farm. We’ve decided to have a go at raising Berkshire pigs! I’m not totally convinced I’ll find the time between being sick and taking care of the kids but hey it’s worth a shot and the kids will love it. We have also put an order in to up our chicken numbers and will have twenty new chicks come may. Yikes! I’m in for it. You’ll have to wait for photos of the new pig pen and new chicken enclosure. 

Last but not least, the Colitis. The Doctor feels the Humira isn’t working as well as it is expected to. I agree, I’ve been pretty sick. Also having lots of other inflammatory symptoms such as joint pain, psoriasis and the soles of my feet being quite swollen and itchy (very weird). I’ve also been having what I can only describe as  “attacks” where I have intense stomach pain (not colon pain) and nausea which gets my whole body upset and I start throwing up and having diarrhea. My Doctor is concerned I may have an ulcer so I was booked for a Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy to assess how much worse my colon has gotten and to see if I do have an ulcer. 

Today was/is prep day, oh joy. First starving myself then proceeding to drink oral purgative until I have the uncontrollable urge to empty my bowels. Yuck. I’m sure you can imagine I’ve done this many times seeing I’ve had the disease for twenty years but it’s equally as awful EVERY TIME. My darling husband stayed home from work today so I didn’t have to worry about anything but feeling awful. Bless his soul. 

I’m feeling a little nervous about results from tomorrow’s tests. I can’t help but worry about if I’ll hear that dreaded word, “cancer”. My doctor is quite understanding about my anxiety and spares me by making sure I don’t remember a thing. I’ll be sure to update you all after I come around and settle back into routine. 

Wish me luck!

Date Night

Every Tuesday night I have a date with a needle. It’s time I touch on this topic, poop. 

The never ending battle of what I can and can’t eat, pain, exhaustion and which medication to try next. 

When I was twelve Years old I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I didn’t understand what that meant for me long term at the time. What i did know and feel was embarrassment and wondering “why me?”
 I remember it being “in the way” when it came to my social life as a teenager. I remember it being embarrassing when with boyfriends. Keeping some of my first jobs was a total fail because they caused a new stress and with stress comes “flares”. For those of you who don’t know, a flare in my world is essentially uncontrollable bowel movements and pain in excess. 

This year I will hit TWENTY years of battling (and often being battled by) this disease. I have tried every drug available on the market for it. Some even not approved and still on study. 
I have been part of countless research groups and filled out a million surveys with hope of contributing to the effort to find a cure. 

I am pushing the limits and defying the odds of time with the disease and risk of developing cancer. 

It’s not all sad, even though most of my life has been lived with Ulcerative Colitis. I married an amazing, patient and understanding human and cooked and birthed three healthy children. I believe they are my purpose here. They push me everyday to function when often I don’t want to. They encourage me to smile, laugh and play. 
I am currently trying what I’ve been told is my last drug option. I inject it into my body every Tuesday night. My kids cringe and can’t believe mommy can just stick a needle in without crying. 
It has settled my symptoms some, but certainly has not achieved remission or given me symptom free results. I hope it does. After all, isn’t that all I can do?

So here is to Tuesday nights and my dates with a needle!